A new water tale of resistance

in the region

I’m quite excited to be part of Museum of Northwest Art’s Surge Festival this September 26-27 in La Conner, Washington.
I’m preparing an aleatoric music performance determined by 8 singers whose movements indicate pitches within the Phrygian (medieval) mode. Singers may move between tones and contour lines using traditional musical ornaments. The contour lines would retain references to lands and increasing water levels in the Skagit Valley resulting from climate change weather extremes. Audience members are encouraged to join the singers as we push back the surge.
As a member of the Medieval Women’s Choir, I performed and studied with early music specialist Margriet Tindemans for 25 years. This is my first music performance piece and some choir members will participate.
Here’s the Surge Festival call; I’ll update it when the museum updates.