Adding to Archives

I spent the greater part of the previous two weeks preparing posts for listings in the calendar of The Feminist Art Project at Rutgers and materials for the Miriam Shapiro Archive. Now they are appearing and soon will be updated with images. What a terrific resource! I'm so grateful that this essential aid to researchers is growing. When I did some research on American women performance artists for an extensive bibliography on US women artists (analog version: a book in the reference, "Z" section of the library), I had to turn to the artists themselves for most of the materials. Researchers told me later that they were grateful to have the book resource, but this online database is so much more accessible. This way, one can develop connections among artists and conveniently communicate for research.
Here's a link to TFAP
Go to "Search the Calendar." Many of my posts are in US state of Washington or in Korea, reflecting some of the activity here or in previous blogs.

Another exciting Planet Art activity is the development of a separate domain for Thunder and Lightning Press. Soon you will find it at

from Christine de Pisan, Building the City of Ladies, image used in multi-media performance, The City of Ladies, Medieval Women's Choir, 2004, Seattle