Arrival in Gwangju

Well cared for: Sangyetang with Jung Suk and Kyungjin

Noh Jung Suk is the curator of the exhibition, Garden of Flame, 2014 International Women's Festival at the Gwangju Folk Museum Exhibition Hall (see below); Oh Kyungin was our coordinator/translator and is her daughter. When I landed in Incheon, I had a cold and by the time I got to Gwangju, was tired. They took me for medicinal (ginseng) chicken soup. While I'd had it before, I didn't know about the importance of taking the ginseng soju with it!

Here is the wonderful view from the Shin Yang Park Hotel on Mudengsan in Gwangju. It's so relaxing there.

Here's my work I dropped off for the exhibition, Garden of Flame:

Re: Seeding Gaia Seeds are the Jewels of the Earth (pink), 91.44 x 152.4 cm, acrylic mixed media on Hanji, 2014

I used some of the bojagi techniques I learned on Jeju, after I returned, to affix silk organza for hanging onto this work.
The title is derived from a statement in a 1990 lecture made by Corvallis research biologist and plant breeder Alan Kapuler, "Seeds are the jewels of the Earth."

I've updated the information about the SEWOL piece to show its exhibition space and curator. Check out the link below

Coming exhibition in October:
Pressing and Pulling: Greetings from Pulp & Deckle c3: intiative, Portland, OR
update: digital archive (exhibition is closed)