"Coal" and Leave it in the Ground update

Yesterday was the opening reception for "Coal" at Anchor Art Space http://www.anchorartspace.org/currentexhibits/
I've made new work as part of the series I began earlier this year (see link below). These new pieces are encaustic on wood with charcoal and digital prints, the largest (and the one in the exhibition) first:

Leave it in the Ground–A 5 year plan: fundamental parameters, digital print, charcoal, wood, encaustic, 2014, 35.56 (H) x 25.4 (W) cm
Poster now available $5 plus postage and packaging or pick up at the studio November 1, 2014 2-5pm

Here are more images:

Leave it in the Ground–transform our carbon based system

Leave it in the Ground–implement transformation

Christiana Figueres is the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. She's is amazing. Here's some information on her work:

Leave it in the ground is appropriate for the massive Utah and Alberta tar sands resource extraction projects. In addition, on a recent visit to Tofino, we learned about a new corporate mining project proposed for Meares Island, the old growth forest island of contention in Clayoquot Sound, BC. In order to mine gold, the toxicity of methods including cyanide compounds must not pose a threat to endangered wildlife. Interestingly, the Harper Administration decided to alter the status of humpback whales to accomodate both the tar sands pipelines and this gold mine.



Here are some images of the exhibition from last night:

Ann Reid and Natalie Niblack, Equal and Opposite (ND), coal, string

There are nationwide petitions asking state and municipal governments to divest from their investment portfolios any funds tied to fossil fuels. As you may recall, divestment was a key strategy to defeat the apartheid regime in South Africa. Here's a link to one in Washington state:


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