Shout out to Post Office workers around the world for moving my art reproduction from Seattle, to San Francisco customs, to New York City, to Doha, to Tehran, to Platform3 for the Emotional Numbness exhibition there. Amazingly, the tracking worked! Thank you Ballard @USPS @postalnews

With the White House administration attacks on the United States Postal Service, I was somewhat concerned about being able to keep track of sending a package to Iran for this Exhibition, Emotional Numbness. Speaking with my local post office worker at the Ballard office, 98107, I was very concerned when I mailed the package of the giclée reproduction, my cv, some postcards and brochures of my work that I would only be able to track it within the US. I really had no idea where it would go after it left the US and asked whether it would go through Frankfort. I guess that's just where people go, not necessarily freight, because it went from New York to Doha and then to Tehran. After it passed US customs in San Francisco, it appeared it was stuck the longest was in New York city, as you can see from the tracking data. I wonder whether there is just a glut on the east coast of all postal business due to the White House politicising of just about every government function.

As a real fan of the post office (yes, I read Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography, which is a very interesting work), I try to visit older, statlier post offices when I travel to cities in the US. Some have beautiful WPA murals and architectural details. We have many beautiful post offices, and I hope after we dump the current administration onto the sidewalk out of office, that we tear up the lease they have for a "hotel" and restore our beautiful National Post Office.

Here is the amazing tracking by the USPS (note arrivals are in reverse order).