In the capital city

Hanging out in one of my favorite hotels, the Tabard Inn, I'm going slow and trying to distance-prepare for my trip to Korea, a week from tomorrow. Washington DC is a strange mixture of extreme conservatism and the kind of cosmopolitanism coming from its working class. Because of the government expense account, lobbying and sophisticated tastes, there are good meals to be had in this town. There are also some notable protests going on regarding what I can only call the siege of Gaza and the rekindling of the misery in Iraq. It's hard to believe that it's about 25 years since Bush 1 attacked Iraq and the subsequent sanctions and bombing under HRC mentor Madeline "it's worth it" Albright, causing the demise of at least half a million people there.
Now there are probably new weapons to advertise as the Patriot missile was featured worldwide on CNN in that earlier disaster. Though I'm not a historian, it's clear that weapons sales drive so much business of Washington DC.

To be continued . . .