On the Surface for "We'll remember"

Here is some artwork I made for an online exhibition, "We'll remember" to honor the victims and families of the Sewol ferry sinking disaster. The ferry was filled over capacity, apparently, with a majority of high school students heading from a Seoul suburb to Jeju Island. Few were rescued. Families are suffering.

This 2014 work is acrylic media on 6 pieces of cotton rag paper, each 20.5cm square, arranged to form a view of the rescue site. Total dimensions: 42 (W) x 63.5 (H) cm

I hope to take the work to Korea this fall and present it to the curator. She is welcome to distribute the squares to mourning family members.


Here is an article about the online exhibition:

Here are images of the Gwangju International Peace exhibition. The original exhibition for Sewol was online. Hye-Seong kindly persuaded her friend to include it in this exhibition.

before hanging (I was in Jeju on 8.23 when the exhibition opened)