Portland Audubon benefit

I just sent off this work for the Wild Arts Festival: a 6x6" canvas with the Soswaewon garden and a magpie. Una and I saw them during this latest visit. It's an open edition--I have three more. Harriet Levi had got me involved in this benefit: it's a fun place to play with my chickensaurus fantasies. The paleontologist James Horner had talked about how to make dinosaurs from chicken dna; so I put a wishbone on these drawings of common birds or as the first one, the "Berlin" archeoptryx.
The Book of Shadows: scholar's garden magpie (Soswaewon therapod), 2014, 15.3 x 15.3 cm, digital print of watercolor of Soswaewon garden on windson/newton hot press watercolor paper, ink, acrylic, cotton thread, wishbone, stretched canvas, open edition


Here's a link to the Wild Arts festival--will update when this work is included: