Thunder and Lightning Press open studio and 2015 course catalog

Thunder and Lightning Press
invites you to open studio
Saturday September 12, 2015 1-5 pm

2811 NW 93rd Street
Seattle WA 98117-2936


refreshments served

Planet Art is the studio of Alice Dubiel. At Thunder and Lightning Press, a low toxicity studio, Barbara Bruch and Alice create print editions and offer workshops. Our press is a Glen Alps press designed especially for collagraph but etching and relief techniques can be employed. Its capacity for pressure is immense and its embossing qualities are impressive.
Below are courses we offer for the Summer and early fall 2015

Barbara Bruch offers a 2 day workshop July 19 & 26 and again September 20, 26:
Day 1 Sophisticated collagraph plate making
Day 2 Printing collagraph plates on Alps Press + chine collé secrets
for information and registration, contact Barbara

Alice Dubiel offers Introduction to digital photo manipulation for chine collé and polyester lithograph applications $65 one day TBA
Weekend Solutions” mixed media printmaking workshop (collagraph focus) October 4 & 11, 10 am-4pm. $145. materials included.
For info and registration, contact Alice